Differences between Restyling and Rebranding

Marketing evolves with trends and styles as new technologies are gradually revolutionizing the market consumption. To maintain the company’s identity and lead the market, it is necessary to adapt to the environment and evolve with it.

Restyling strengthens the image and identity of the brand, revives its personality by restoring its initial values, and attracts the attention of customers who had not been able to identify the company in the market until now. Doing a restyling job gives us the possibility of telling our clients that the company has been relaunched, which implies a logo and typography redesign.

In contrast, rebranding establishes a change of the brand, establishing a new identity and personality. But why do we do this? Because our initial potential client has changed, has evolved, and their emotional and consumer focus has mutated, and it is necessary to establish new communication parameters for the company to obtain a significant growth in the market where the brand is located, and thus give them the opportunity to expand and to know the birth of a new company.

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