The 3 phases of the conversion funnel

TOFU (Top of the Funnel): In this first phase the user is already interested because the user has found a need in the services, however, the user is not yet considering purchasing any of the products or services offered. That is why it is important at this stage to provide informative content to boost the user’s interest, resolving their doubts with answers that engage and meet their needs.

MOFU (Middle Of The Funnel): Here the user is already attracted by the products or services of the brand, but has not yet decided to make the purchase, which is why in this section we must position ourselves in the Top of Mind of our client, offering infographic content, Ebooks or emotional value content, providing cases of experiences of other customers who have already purchased the products or services of the brand, this will help provide certainty to the customer and thus achieve our goal.

BOFU (Bottom Of The Funnel) : In the final phase, our customer is already ready to make the transaction, so it would be prosperous to send coupons for discounts, promotions, news, etc. By using some of these tools the user will proceed to make the purchase or register to be included in our database, going from being a simple user to our future potential customer.

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