The 6 key secrets for creating the best Branding

1. Active look: Analyzing good design work and keeping up to date with the latest trends helps to generate ideas and be at the forefront. It’s a bit like Pablo Picasso’s quote “Good artists copy. Great artists steal”. To get inspired you have to keep your eyes open and look around you. Then use your own ideas and creativity to transform them into something new and authentic.

 2. Let others collaborate: In design, the best work often comes from the equal input/collaboration of the designer and the client. Teamwork is essential, and learning to take others’ comments or criticisms into account can help you create the best project. Don’t take it personally. Someone may spot something you didn’t anticipate that could take your idea to the next level and ultimately improve the outcome.

4. Always put your design objectives before being generic: generic ideas don’t mix well. Clients will always ask you why you’ve done something, and you wouldn’t want to have to improvise your answer. There has to be a clear reason. It has to be justifiable and intentional. Remember that everything needs consideration, even the simplest details.

5. To effectively grow your brand, you have to really know your audience. There is a difference between pure creativity, strategic branding, and marketing. Strategic branding is about applying creativity in context, putting your creative ego aside and putting yourself in the shoes of your audience. Often, people make assumptions about their audience, but they haven’t spoken directly to them. If you don’t know enough about your audience, you have to do more to get to know them. 

6. Authenticity is key when building a brand, so if there’s a story to tell, go ahead and tell it. In experience, audiences respond to stories that come through a brand. They want to know they are buying something authentic that they can relate to and invest in; this usually comes from a business that is true to its beginnings and its future path

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